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It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Blocked Drains!

Are you tired of dealing with blocked drains in your home or business? It’s time to say goodbye to the hassle and hello to clear, free-flowing drains. Whether it’s a blocked sewer drain, a clogged bathroom drain, or a stubborn kitchen drain, our expert team is equipped to handle it all. We offer professional drain unblocking services that are fast, reliable, and affordable.

We’re always ready to respond to emergency drain unblocking needs. Plus, we’ll help you understand the causes and symptoms of blocked drains, so you can spot potential issues early and avoid costly repairs. So why wait? Call today and say goodbye to blocked drains for good!

Expert Drain Unblocking. We’ll Clear It in No Time

Blocked drains can be a real nuisance, disrupting your daily routine and potentially causing serious damage to your property whilst also potentially impacting the environment. That’s where our professional drain unblocking services come in. Our experienced plumbers are well-versed in tackling all types of blockages, from a blocked sewer drain to a clogged bathroom or kitchen drain.

We use a combination of CCTV cameras and high-pressure jets to clear your blocked drains quickly and efficiently, minimising any inconvenience to you. So, why let a blocked drain ruin your day? Call True Flow Plumbing today and we’ll clear it in no time!

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Signs of a Blocked Drain

Are you across the telltale signs of a blocked drain? Recognising these early indicators can save you from costly repairs and health hazards associated with severe drain blockages. Here are some common symptoms to keep an eye out for:

Water Pooling in Your Backyard

If you notice unexplained pools of water in your backyard, it could be a sign of a blocked sewer drain. This can be caused by tree roots penetrating the pipes or a build-up of debris over time. Our professional team can quickly diagnose and resolve these issues, restoring the normal flow of water and preventing further damage to your property.

Unpleasant Smells from Your Kitchen Sink

A persistent bad smell coming from your kitchen sink is often a sign of a blocked drain. This can be caused by food particles and other debris getting stuck in the pipes. Our expert drain unblocking services can effectively clear these blockages, eliminating the unpleasant odours and ensuring your sink drains smoothly.

Toilet Slow to Flush

If your loo is slow to flush, it could be a symptom of a blocked drain. This can be caused by a build-up of toilet paper, sanitary products, or other waste materials. Our team uses advanced drain clearing tools and safe chemicals to clear these blockages, ensuring your toilet functions as it should. If you need a hand to unblock your toilet give us a call today.

Gurgling Noises from the Drain

Gurgling noises coming from your drain are a clear sign of a blockage. This noise is caused by air being trapped and then released. Our professional drain unblocking services can quickly and efficiently clear these blockages, restoring peace and quiet to your home.

We don’t just fix the problem; we also offer advice on drain blockage prevention and regular maintenance, helping you avoid future issues. And if you’re ever faced with a drain emergency, remember that we’re just a call away. Don’t let a blocked drain disrupt your day – get in touch with us at the first sign of trouble

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How We’ll Clear Your Blocked Drain


I’m Dylan, the owner of True Flow Plumbing and Drains, and I’m here to tell you how we can help you with your blocked drains. We all know that blockages can be a real nuisance and can be caused by a variety of things. Clearing them might seem straightforward, but sometimes it’s not as simple as it looks. That’s where we come in.

At True Flow Plumbing and Drains, we’re not just your average plumbers. We use top-notch technology and our years of expertise to clear out any kind of blockage, ensuring your drains are running smoothly again. Here’s a bit about the tools we use:

Plungers: These handy tools are great for tackling soft blockages. They’re a quick and easy solution for many common blockages, and it’s always a good idea to have a couple around the house.

CCTV Drain Camera: Sometimes, blockages are hidden or hard to reach. That’s when we bring out our CCTV drain inspection equipment. This nifty device is small enough to fit into tight spaces and has a camera that sends images back to us, helping us find and fix the problem.

High-pressure water jet: This powerful tool uses high-pressure water to blast through clogs. The force of the water can cut through any dirt or debris stuck in your drain, clearing the way for water to flow freely again.

Our team of plumbers has years of experience dealing with blocked drains. We’ve got the skills and expertise to handle any blockage, whether it’s in your sink, sewer, or toilet. We’ll have it cleared out before you know it. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call today!

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Owner, True Flow Plumbing and Drains Pty Ltd

Australian owned and operated

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to unblock a drain on the Central Coast can vary depending on the complexity of the job. For a simple blocked drain, you’re generally looking at a cost between $150 and $250. However, if you’re dealing with a more complex issue, such as a main sewer blockage, the cost can go up to around $500 or more. It’s important to note that these are ballpark figures based on typical costs on the Central Coast, and the actual cost may vary. As always, we recommend getting a specific quote for your situation to ensure you have the most accurate information.

In Australia, the responsibility of maintaining and clearing a private drain typically falls on the property owner. If a private drain becomes blocked, the local council has the authority to serve a notice to the owner, giving them 48 hours to clear the blockage. If the owner fails to clear the drain within this timeframe, the council can then step in and undertake the work to clear the blockage. However, it’s important to note that this is usually a last resort, and the council may seek to recover the costs of this work from the property owner. So, while the council can technically unblock drains, it’s generally best for property owners to address any blockages promptly to avoid potential additional costs.

In some instances, drains may unblock themselves, but this largely depends on the nature of the blockage. If the blockage is due to something like tree root ingress, the drain won’t be able to clear itself. This type of blockage is more serious and would require a professional, such as an engineer, to conduct a CCTV drain survey to assess the problem and identify the appropriate solution.

On the other hand, if the blockage is caused by something like an excess of toilet paper, it’s possible that the drain could clear itself over time. This is because toilet paper is designed to disintegrate the longer it stays in water. However, it’s important to note that even in these cases, we would still advise you to contact a professional for any blockage that doesn’t clear quickly. This is to ensure that there isn’t a larger issue at hand and to prevent potential damage to your plumbing system